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Is It Better To Play On High Limit Slots

High limit slots pay better – in fact, their paytable starts with hundreds of dollars. In some ways, they are similar to jackpot machines, because they can pay nearly as much as those. I want to start by saying that in order to successfully apply a strategy for high limits slots you need to have a bankroll that allows you to run big round bets The fact that the high-limit slots pay back a higher percentage than low-denom slots is almost immaterial because the net loss per hour will be higher with the former. The difference between $0.25 (a quarter) and $100 is a factor of 400. Let's say at the $0.25 level you play $1,000 per hour.

The answers to your questions are no and yes. No, the machine didn't pay off more often because you were making the maximum wagers. And yes, you were "lucky" that day. The max-bet belief stems from the many gambling machines, especially progressives, at which you have to bet the maximum amount allowable to hit the highest jackpot.

Is It Better To Play On High Limit Slots - Rowan Casino

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